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Let Me Tweak That for You

Ever been driving with TomTom or whatever running and suddenly you get that stupid Cannot Connect bubble recursively popping up, freezing TomTom until you try to nimbly tap the Dismiss button while driving? And you went on XDA and said How the hell do I turn that off and they either say google it or go into Notifications and disable it there? Didn’t work, right? This thing should do the trick. Flash a non-AT&T custom rom and are wondering why it doesn’t feel like assisted GPS is working? This cab will pump in AT&T’s aGPS servers into your registry. Make sure aGPS is on in Settings > System, reboot, see what happens.

Flash a Leo rom with the documents tab but now your phone is ridiculously unusable, slow and crashing? This helped me on the Tilt 2 and my sources say it’s good for Fuzes. Can’t figure out how to use these new Manila SMS interfaces? Aggravating, right? Well until they figure it out you can switch back to the standard WinMo text messaging with this. Going crazy because you dropped a hundred bucks on some fancy stereo bluetooth headset but since you flashed a custom rom with HTC Sense and when playing with the Sense player you cannot use the buttons on the headset to change the track and pause and what not? Give this a try but disable Sense first, install, soft reset, reenable Sense.

Hate Manila/Sense/TF3D’s “enhanced” finger oversized menus and notification manager? This will install itself in ToolsTweaks to let you toggle that. Miss having those old multiple snooze options instead of only being able to snooze for five minutes? Bam, problem solved with this (if you also disable enhanced notifications with the aforementioned cab I believe).

My apologies if any of these either don’t work or force you to hard reset. Credits: Cannot Connect bubble, camro though I made the cab; HTC Sense document indexing bug, NRG; bluetooth A2DP fix, Gooru and JVH3; SMS thing, beerbaronstatic; Enhanced menus/notification tweak At0mAng & Danny; notification options, cRaCKwHoRe. Related things: AdvancedConfig, DiamondTweak (for Fuze), HD Tweak (for Tilt 2), Quickcab and Fmstrat‘s do it yourself registry tweaking site, MobileRegistryEditor.

Now would be a good time to post some of your own.

Doug Simmons

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