Not to be outdone by Jim Szymanski’s finely-grained craftsmanship, I present to you the Lumia 900n Needlecraft Phone.  It’s currently available in 10ct plastic canvas with bright cotton-candy floss colors (completely customizable in 558 colors!)  it’s even lighter than the Wooden Phone, and you can match it with all of your outfits, purses, and shoes!

Currently the tiles can be customized, but only once.

Soon to be available at your local Michael’s, Joanns Crafts Store, A.C. Moore, or Hobby Lobby.

P.S. Yeah.  We’ve all got it bad at this point.  Nice going, Nokia!  I sincerely hope it’s worth the hype.

P.P.S.  You know, I could actually make this with removable tiles thanks to generic Velcro tape…


  1. Yup :) A quick Bing search returned that the DMC company (whose cotton floss I use) has 558 colors on their various lines. Unless, of course, they have made changes since that question was answered, but meh. ;)

    Thank goodness I’m allergic to the little furballs.

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