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Review: Horizontal Leather Pouch for the Fuze

I have been looking for a good case/pouch for my phone for a long time. Every time I put my phone in my pocket I was always afraid I might scratch the phone up because I might throw my keys in the same pocket, I might have some change in that pocket or I might have dirt in that pocket who knows. So, I decided it was time for me to try and get a good leather pouch for my phone so that can always have my phone  on me and not have to worry about getting it scratched. I finally decided to get a black horizontal leather pouch from Here is a review of the product with photos.

First Impression:









The product comes in a really cool little box which could make a great gift and as soon as you take the pouch out of the box you can smell the leather. The leather has a smooth feel to it and the white stitching has no loose ends and adds a professional look to the pouch. The magnet on the top that closes the pouch seems really strong and will be able to stay shut even if it was not matched up properly. However, I would have liked to have a full magnet stitched into the pouch and a bigger flap. On the back we have what I think is a metal belt hook wrapped in leather which is really stiff. This is a good thing as it will be harder for the phone to fall off but it is also a struggle to put it on at least until the hook becomes a little loose. When we look at the inside I was a little disappointed. I would have liked for the inside also to lined with a more smooth, leather like,  material but what they have right now does the job and it would keep your phone from getting scratched but a smoother material would have given me more satisfaction.










When I tried putting my phone into the pouch for the first time it was really stiff and tight fit. I had a tough time of closing the magnetic flap as well. I had to pull and stretch the flap for it to close. This is normal with leather as over time it stretches and allows for an easier fit.  The side of the pouch has elastic material which again will help stretch the pouch over time. Actually only after about 10 times of putting the device in and taking it out I already noticed it getting a little easier and the leather stretching a little bit. Also when trying to get the phone out you can easily use two fingers at the top and bottom of the phone and pull it out of the top of the pouch. You can also use the small opening at the bottom of the pouch to push the phone up and then use your fingers to pull the phone out. The pouch also seemed really comfortable, I could barely even tell I had my phone, when I had it on my belt around my hip.

Final Impression:

This is sturdy, really well built case. It will offer my device the protection it needs and it will also allow me to have my phone with me at all times and not really worry about it getting scratched in my pocket. Case looks great; however, I would have liked to have a bigger magnetic flap and smoother inside lining, other than that this is a great pouch for anyone that is looking to get one.

Quick Pros and Cons:



Great build, awesome leather Not very smooth inner lining
Phone fits well and very comfortable Not the cheapest if looking for a cheap pouch.
Easy to access the device  
Makes a great gift for cell phone freaks like us  

Overall Score: 4.0/5.0

If you would like to get the pouch as well get it here or just visit PDair to see what kind of other pouches and cases they have.