DavidK may be enjoying a well deserved vacation, but that won’t keep him down. From David K, “Here’s a post if someone can just upload to the site. I don’t care who the author is. Picture(s) attached as well.” Done. Enjoy.

MLS has an official (free) app in the Windows Phone Marketplace that seems loaded with features for the soccer fans among us. Here’s the official description:

MLS Matchday 2011, the official Major League Soccer WinPhone 7 app, brings the game to you. Follow the 2011 MLS season from anywhere at anytime.

App Features:

  • Watch FREE highlights moments after the action happens on the field
  • Live scores and play by play of every game
  • Customize your app: Quick access to your favorite team

Sounds like it’s pretty solid so check it out. You can find here in Marketplace/Sports. BTW, seven 5 star ratings so far.


  1. Impressive app. What I really want is a goal.com or eurosport app that incorporates all the sports (soccer (all leagues i.e russian, scottist), bb, baseball, tennis, etc). Yes I have used espn and currently use score mobile (my fav. for now) but I’d like one that has all. Oth, i like that the MLS app have highlights included for free.

  2. @James: @James:

    Might want to check out My Football for just global soccer leagues. Not all are there but most. I forget what the trial locks out but iirc 3.99 for the app and I’m pretty happy with it.

    As for the MLS app, I grabbed it soon after it hit the marketplace and love it thus far. No major issues with it after messing around with it for the games on Sat and Sun

  3. […] 415 Originally Posted by johnnyb I know some other phones were getting access to Nokia Maps, but I'm not sure if ESPN will be crossing over or not. @sabonis, how easy was it to access some less popular sports (in America)? I'm a big fan of soccer and follow the Premiere League and the MLS pretty closely. Were there any Live tile implementations with favorite teams and whatnot? I know about Nokia Maps coming to other phones, but I've yet to see ESPN ported over. As for MLS, there was an official map released. Source is here: Major League Soccer Releases Official Windows Phone App – Mobility Digest – Mobility Digest […]

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