If you’re the owner of a Fuze or a Touch Pro you’re about to be very happy. XDA member Tarkim has released Raphael Keyboard Configurator (v1.1 is available at the time of this writing). This simple application lets you map the Touch Pro/Fuze’s keyboard as well as the home, and back keys and he claims all keys are mappable (the volume keys appear to register but I’m not looking to press my luck with a good thing:)). So I just used it to do this crazy thing – my ‘back’ button closes apps instead of just minimizing them. Then I mapped my PTT button on a double click to open NewsBreak. You can set the keys to launch an application of your choosing, require double clicks for certain actions, have behavior based on the active app, etc.

To install this just download the file from here. If you do not have sdkcerts installed you must install it now (it’s included in the download) and then install the app (which requires a soft reset). The application itself is in your Settings – System tab. This only works for GSM devices (so do not use this if you have a Sprint or Verizon phone at this time – if an update is available I will update this posting). And uninstalling the app should revert everything back to the good old days.  At this point you can only map one special action per key (so I can’t map the back button to ‘back’ on a single press and ‘close’ on a double press). Also changing ‘back’ to ‘close’ works fine as far as I can tell but in some windows it does not function correctly, like in phone, programs and settings, but in individual apps it does close them even WMP (progress is progress in my book:))

Overall it’s pretty slick stuff here – really simple to use and I’m already a big fan.  Great work Tarkim! If you appreciate Tarkim’s work don’t forget to support his effort with a cup of coffee.


  1. Hi Kevin,

    I used to have an HTC Tilt, and recently bought a Fuze. I love the phone, but will love it way more when I can get this tool working. I’m using the ATT stock ROM, did you use a different one to get this to work? Furthermore, can you point me in the right direction for NOOB instructions for flashing the ROM? Love the site btw, the tips and tricks section has been immensly useful transitioning to a new phone!

  2. Thanks! I wonder why this keyboard “fix” works on some Fuze models but not all… On mine, it just disabled all key functions, the uninstallation process fixed the issue, but left me highly dissapointed. Was really hoping to get this to work! Do you think flashing to another ROM would make the hardware keys mappable in, say, AE Button Plus?

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