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Mobile Tagging: Interactive 2D Barcode Reader

Instant information and entertainment.

Microsoft Tag creates unlimited possibilities for making interactive communications an instant, entertaining part of life. They transform physical media (print advertising, billboards, product packages, information signs, in-store merchandising, or even video images)—into live links for accessing information and entertainment online.


With the Microsoft Tag application, just aim your camera phone at a Tag and instantly access mobile content, videos, music, contact information, maps, social networks, promotions, and more. Nothing to type, no browsers to launch!

FuzeBerry_20096141636[1]Test your TagReader on the above tag…

Interact with almost anything!
  • Makes offline media (print ads, billboards, posters, television) and physical objects (product packages, storefronts, T-shirts, museum exhibits) interactive.
  • Dream up your scenario; engage with your audience in real time, in the real world; and know how successful you were.
  • Remember what you saw, and share it with friends.

    Snap. Blink. Wow! Get the Microsoft Tag application for your phone.

    It’s simple, useful, and fun. Download the free application to your phone and you’re ready to link real life with the digital world. See a Tag, snap it, and you’re conveniently connected to more information, exclusive discounts, movie trailers, video clips, exhibit details, maps and directions, and much more. It’s a shortcut to fun! Learn more


    Tag means no more fumbling with URLs or texting shortcodes! Just launch the Microsoft Tag application, snap the Tag, and in a blink you can view the content! Go to with your mobile phone, or click here to send an SMS with a download link to your phone.

    The Possibilities are Endless! Use Microsoft Tags for Your Business.

    Make your offline media more effective, more measurable, more immersive, and more fun. Turn your advertisements, media, signage, packaging or storefronts into interactive experiences.

    You control what gets seen when the Tag gets snapped. Add a Tag to your print-based ad, package, signage, outdoor advertisement, storefront, exhibit, video, magazine article, or just about any other object. Deliver the right information, when and where your customer wants it. Learn more

    Works with most smartphones.

    The reader works great on most current smartphones and advanced feature phones, including Windows Mobile (5.5 and above), iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian, and J2ME.

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