marketplace Earlier today Marketplace was updated. Finally, you can install apps to your SD card (instead of main memory) and you can switch regions so you can buy apps from other country’s Marketplaces. You should also know that developers can now post their apps to all countries that share the same language for free (it used to be $10 per country). The one hitch is that something is killing the servers now and we’re all getting connection errors. Another thing is that when you start Marketplace it pretends to check for updates…but it doesn’t. If you want the update you need to uninstall it and reinstall Marketplace. You can also go here to MS’s site for the latest download. Now we’re not sure why the servers are reacting so poorly. It could be that the world is flooding the US markets, or that people are finally downloading now that SD card installation is possible or there could just be a glitch. Anyway, if you have patience you can get apps…if you have lots of patience just wait a day for this to work its way out though.


  1. Every version of market place I try kills my device.

    As soon as I launch it it pegs the CPU at 99% and stays there. Eventually i have to kill it with SK Tools. Very irritating.
    I am still running WM 6.0 on my HTC TyTN II.

    Anyone else having these issues?

    I hoped this new version of market place would fix it, but i guess not. :(

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