Are we to that point where we need anti-virus running all the time on our phone and tablets? Sure there’s been some issues with malware apps, but common sense would protect most people from things like that. Then again, looking around the world, I don’t see many people that even have common sense anymore really. So I guess those people need something like this…

(BUSINESS WIRE)–McAfee today announced that its technology for mobile platforms will be offered as standard in Sony Ericsson’s XPERIATM mini pro and forthcoming XPERIATM pro smartphones. This is part of a move designed to effectively safeguard smartphone users against device loss, data theft, malware and virus infection.

“Smartphones represent one of most significant technological developments of our time with today’s devices boasting far more functionality than many early PCs”

McAfee’s mobile technology enables users to enjoy their mobile lifestyle without worry. Users can find their missing phone with alarm and location tracking, prevent misuse with remote lock and wipe and preserve important memories and personal data with remote back-up and restore, even from a lost or misplaced phone. At the same time, McAfee Mobile Security protects against the risk of malware that originates via email, instant messaging and Internet downloads.

“Smartphones represent one of most significant technological developments of our time with today’s devices boasting far more functionality than many early PCs,” said Todd Gebhart, co-president, McAfee. “However, it is far too easy to leave a mobile device in a cab or at the airport, which can mean lost contacts, photos, financial information and other important content. With malware targeting mobile devices growing quarter-on-quarter, there is also the risk of these devices being hacked, infected or phished. The availability of this technology is an important milestone in protecting both the phone itself and the data that resides on the device.”

Nikolaus Scheurer, head of Product Marketing at Sony Ericsson commented: “By offering as standard these new consumer and business solutions in our XPERIATM smartphones, we are setting a new standard in mobile device security allowing us to better serve our customers.”


  1. I am using 3 different anti malware/ virus apps on my Dell Streak 5″ Android device. I loaded them to try out, then just never deleted them. There are no peceivable performance issues.They all have their own features including find my phone, check my settings, even scan text messages. Never come up with anything though. I didn’t use anything on my previous WinMo devices, but I also didn’t think they could handle running something like McAfee. Today I am more confident about our devices. But I also have not tried new Windows Phone either. Still hoping for the right device to be released. Peace

  2. Yea, I can’t spell.
    I forgot to mention, all those Apps/ programs are FREE.
    It has to be built in and automatic and Free, if it is going to be used by the “Common Sense Impaired”
    No offence

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