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Samsung sales surging and could surpass Apple

samsung-sales-could-top-appleLess than a week ago we reported that Apple had finally thrown arch rival Nokia off it’s thrown to become the worlds number one in smartphone volume or device sales. Apple, who shipped 20.34 million smartphone units compared to Nokia’s second quarter slide of 16.7 million, off from a first quarter number of 24.2 million devices. Now however, “according to Neil Mawston, a London-based analyst working for a Boston-based research company known as Strategy Analytics”, Samsung could possibly end Apple’s reign of glory with expected device shipments in the second quarter between 18-21 million.

Fueled by incredibly strong global sales of the Galaxy S II, Samsung has been very aggressive in new device launches as well a marketing. Samsung is also getting help from Google with their own Android marketing and brand of devices which include the Nexus S, the successor to the original Nexus. So even if Apple is swinging a very heavy stick, they are fighting alone with their own OS and single device platform, the iPhone 4. Samsung however, brings multiple devices to market and has a partner to tag team in the fight against Apple with Google and it’s Android cudgel.

While we await the official Samsung tally, Apple needs to keep their eyes on their current supplier Samsung as their devices are getting too close for comfort in world smartphone device sales volume.

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