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Meet the “New” Apple iPad

It looks like everyone that thought hey had the name for the “New” iPad figured out was wrong. It will in fact not be called the iPad 3 like we all thought early on, or even the iPad HD that rumors were indicating going down the stretch. Tim Cook simply called it the “New’” iPad. Many of the features that were rumored however, turned out to be true. And this “New” iPad has got a lot of punch to it.

Starting right off with the New iPad is the Retina Screen we all expected. Indeed it is going to be fabulous screen and have an amazing  1,000,000 million more pixels than an HDTV. The 9.7 inch screen will have a 2048 x 1536 resolution which is double than the iPad 2 which has a 1024 x 768 display resolution. I never seemed disappointed in the iPad 2 but now with the game changing New iPad, Apple will pack 264 pixels per inch which is double the 132 pixels per inch in the current version. Now calling the display a Retina Display, something we were introduced to in the iPhone 4, it packs a screen with 326 pixels per inch and a 640 x 960 display resolution in a small, but wonderful 3.5 inch screen. I use my iPad currently for streaming video and game play, so the next version of Infinity Blade to be called Dungeons, will be very anticipated as it was designed for this “New” iPad.

With a screen that size Apple had to pack more horsepower under the hood and the current A5 dual core will get tweaked to become the “New” A5X Chipset. A dual Core CPU that has a Quad Core GPU, Apple says that it will be twice as fast as the current A5 Dual Core and be able to handle the increased load of the Retina Screen. Again, the prospect of playing Infinity Blade on this device is going to be amazing!

The Camera gets a makeover as well and will now have a 5 megapixel rear camera with 1080p  at 30 frames per second video recording. Expect to get the same performance as the iPhone 4S as it will share a lot of the same features including 5 element lens,  side illuminated sensor, and an infrared filter.

Speed is everything and in the New iPad it will be everything as it finally gets loaded with 4G LTE that will give you 21mps on HSPA+, 42mps on DC-HSDPA, and a blazing fast 73mps on LTE. Of course results may vary and whatever you do don’t ask our own Ramon about New Yorks AT&T data speeds. Might get socked in the mush.

The Specs on the Newest of New iPads will be very similar to the 2nd Generation and look almost the same. AT 9.4mm think you will have no problem thinking how did they ever pack all that into something so thin, and that is only 0.03 inches thicker than the iPad 2. Weight of the New iPad will be just 1.5lbs.

Battery power will be heavily put to the test when we get our hands on the New iPad and Apple claims that it will stay the same at 10 hours of battery life on a single charge. 

So at the end of the day, are you all happy? I know I am and will yet again join the ranks of the other Apple Sheep as some would call us for the simple reason that it just WAY better than anything else out there. In fact, Apple says that they own 76% of the Post PC market which includes smartphone of course, but there is no doubt that Apple is kicking ass and taking names. In 2011 Tablet Market that is estimated to have over 100 tablets in it, Apple remains King.

The price for the WiFi version of the New iPad is $499 (16gb), $599 (32gb), and $699 (64gb).  The LTE speed freaks can get their stream on by paying $130 premium for each memory increment, which is the same as before, $629, $729, and $829. Preorders? Yeah, you better get one. Available March 16th.