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Image Editing App

Here is an interesting drawing/ photo editing app that showed up at XDA-Developers thanks to menos. Some of the current feature of the app are:

* Drawing
– Pencil
– Rectangle
– Circle
– Callout
– Text Typing
– Stample tool – e.g. for watermarking your image, Stamping icons…etc
* Image Editing
– Resize
– Crop
– Convert to B&W
– Convert to Sepia
– Rotate Left & Right
– File-type Conversion
– One step undo is possible
* Supported File Type
– JPG (By saving JPEG image, you have a possibility to limit image size – good for preparing images for uploading to some WebSite that has file size limitation)

Some of the issues with the app so far are that it does not support landscape mode, does not pull images that are in subfolders unless you move them to phone from your SD card, memory hungry process and it is not as finger friendly as I was hoping. Overall, it is a good app to do some quick editing of images and then being able to email them or upload them right from your phone. To download the app head over the the XDA-developers thread.