Is it a Bing commercial or a Windows Phone 7 preemptive commercial? Interesting but this YouTube upload clearly shows a Bing commercial featuring a WP7 device using the Bing app. Is this the start of their WP7 ad campaign?


  1. Sporting the Samsung Taylor and the Rachel Zoe Project is all about what is fashion and cool. Now only if Microsoft can keep up the product placement like they were doing with the KIN.

  2. @Ruben:

    Do you know math… like, at all?

    300000000 / 7000000000 = .0428 Which is 4.28%

    And those numbers are rough estimates of the populations of the US and Earth, respectively.

  3. @norcal colby:

    Yeah, I noticed that. It’s not so much that I have a problem with *him*, just a problem with the things he says.

    Sorry Ruben. It’s nothing personal.

  4. We must remember that the KIN died DESPITE the product placement…
    I really would like to see a quality mobile OS from MS, so I hope it doesn’t die.
    I think the ad is not particularly cool. I am actually wondering if Google ever did a TV ad for its web service. To me it sounds like a little mistargeted, although I can see that MS wants to make Bing a household brand.
    If so, though, they should probably focus on the non-US customer as well. You know, the Americans only comprise .5% of the people in the world. Imagine the purchasing power.

  5. @Max:
    @norcal colby:
    I think that Max can only have a problem with what I say, since that’s all he knows about me.
    Anyway, I’d doubt that there are 7bn peeps in the world already, plus I bet there are at least 330m of US citizens and US citizenship aspirants, which kind of speaks in my favor, I would say. If you wanted to have an argument with me, you should’ve attacked the fact that .5% of the population does not equal .5% of the world’s purchasing power, which would be a valid argument (not that I wasn’t aware of that before). Pity I have to help you with that… Nothing personal ;)
    And even if my service wasn’t covering 10% of the purchasing power, I would be pretty greedy to penetrate the markets if the returns on investment were attractive at all.
    So again, I think the ad sucks, I think MS can do better and I think they should do better because their products actually don’t suck as much for the most part. OK, so much for spending my free time commenting, now I’m going to work so I can actually buy one of those badly advertised marvels.

  6. @Max: OK Max, I see. You’re right, I missed the point, literally. My apologies to you for that – if we ever meet, I owe you a coffee.

  7. @Ruben:
    No worries. I shouldn’t have been as snarky as I was. Your point is still legitimate. Even if everyone in the US saw that ad, I don’t see it making a huge impact.

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