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Microsoft Being Sued Over Surface Advertised Storage Claims

Well that sure didn’t take long at all. A lawsuit was just filed in Los Angeles over the storage claims of the Microsoft Surface tablet and that there’s really not that much space available. Well sort of, it’s basically claiming that too much space is being taken up by the operating system. I sort of have to agree, I buy a 16gb tablet and find I can only really use 12gb of that space, but that’s my Android tablet. Apparently it’s much worse with the Surface, a 32gb Surface only has 16gb of real storage you can use, that’s pretty bad. Something is wrong with the whole system really. Just like all advertised storage sizes annoy me, like I just got a 64gb microSDXC card but that’s only 59gb of usable space. I’ve always been one who has thought the system needs changing for truth in advertising, and maybe a lawsuit is the way to go.



You can read all about it over on Consumerist: