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Intel’s RealSense 3D PC Camera brings life like feeling to Video Calls

Well you don’t see any tablet, All-in-One PC or laptop without Camera these days. Some of the systems like Tablets and hybrids include both front and rear cameras. Some of these systems utilize both front and rear cameras whenever we are taking conference calls. Both Surface and Surface Pro come to mind in these scenarios. This is just not limited to Windows systems. The cameras become part of the smartphones, tablets and they are available for almost every platform out there in addition to Windows and they include, Linux, OSX, Androids, Chrome OS, iOS, Windows Phone, WebOS (LG has big plans to utilize this now), Blackberry QNX, Symbian (yes they are still in use) and so on. These PC Cameras also known as Web Cameras are widely used in many PC devices including Desktops, Laptops and so on their history is almost close to a decade. Now Intel brought RealSense 3D PC Camera, which brings life like depth that our human eyes perceive to the images and video calls for Skype and Lync users. They have demoed new PC Camera, that would become part of the newer laptops and Windows Tablets that would be available in the later part of 2014. This RealSense 3D PC Camera, according to Intel’s press release, is first of its kind and can see the depth much like human eye and understand motion gestures like Microsoft’s Kinect sensor to detect finger movements and facial features. This will bring really a wow in computer experience. I hope experience will not just be limited to video calls, and Intel will open the API for partners and developers to bring new features and open’s doors on how we interact with the system.

The 3D camera will provide the ability to control and remove a person’s background during a video call, to present only the caller and not what is actually behind them. With this capability, people have more options; they can change the appearance of their background, or remove it all together to share a presentation, watch a movie or sporting event together” states Intel’s press release.

Image Courtesy: Intel

Source: Neowin