Selling a product is more than just telling people how awesome it is. You need an emotional connection as well. And the new Surface Pro commercial that debuted tonight seems to hit the emotional side hard. It’s hip and trendy and spirited. But if you don’t now what a Surface Pro is you’ll probably say it’s something like a large Galaxy Note…you know, it uses a pen. To me, it feels a bit premature to sell emotion when the audience hasn’t been introduced to the product yet.

It’s reminiscent of the Surface RT commercial but there’s a pen involved and the use of the word Pro. What’s the product?  Of course you know the product, but you are not the mass market.

Judge for yourself:


  1. nah man, that ad was super dope. considering one of my clients held me up in the hallway just so he could make my RT “click” for himself… those ads are working! people are interested!

  2. I agree with Ramon. The first few days that I had the Surface RT, I was asked about my “iPad cover” twice. After that, I’ve had numerous people comment on the Surface by name and ask me how I like the keyboard cover (Touch Cover). The ads are exactly what the Surface line needs. The biggest issue Microsoft is probably facing now is that they missed the holiday season for the Pro and they may have waited too long to seed retail stores (outside of their near non-existant Microsoft Stores) with the product.

  3. It clicks and has a keyboard…like the RT. So why is it priced $300 more? Because of a pen? Advertising is telling a story and there’s more story than what they showed us. Apple takes one element of their newest device (Siri, the retina display, even panoramic photos or a noise cancelling mic) and shows you why their product stands out and how much attention to detail. You learn about the product and it’s still a great add. The Surface ad is visually incredible but again, you don’t get that level of information.

  4. I liked the commercial. Hit home with the whole business board room vibe. Stylus is highlighted, keyboard gets some love, the guys beat boxin’ clearly show it’s fun. LOL Better than Apple commercials!

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