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Microsoft develops for … android?

Well, sure, why not?  That’s what tech people do, right: play in the sandbox before publishing to a more polished product?

MS’ Israeli Information Platform and Experiences (IPE) team is MS’ mobile signal collection and location services specialty team.  They have developed on{X} (pronounced “on-ex”) for Android phones.  on{X} is a reminder program that you can set triggers to remind you of different things.  For example: want your phone to text your spouse when you leave the office?  on{X} will do just that.

There are 11 templates up and running, called recipes.  Each recipe is a trigger-and-action combination (trigger: leave the office, action: text spouse).  You can use the recipes that are up and running, or you can create your own with a JavaScript API.

The rules and data that they hold are private, only available to the user.  You download the app, but you program your recipes on the website,, and then push the rules to your Android device.

The only downside that I see:  you log into the website and the app with  your Facebook credentials.  There are plenty of people who avoid FB like the plaque.  That could be a problem

on{X} is currently in beta.