Tis the season to spend your money wisely. Today is Day 1 of Microsoft’s 12 Days of Deals. The Dell Venue 8 Pro is on sale for $199, a $100 savings from the regular retail price. A really good deal considering the well received mini-tablet runs full Windows 8. It gets even better though for the first 20 people could snatch up the Dell Venue 8 Pro for just $99. That price,makes the Venue 8 Pro one of the best holiday tech deals ever.

Our own Danny Lam has snapped a picture and shows the deal has generated lines of consumers anxious to snatch up the Dell Venue 8 Pro and maybe some accessories while they are there.

Did you pick one up? Let us know and if you had to wait in line too.


  1. I missed my opportunity. I got stuck up with a presentation, which ended few minutes back. Lost the opportunity to get device at $99. I already have one, for which I paid $280 with active stylus. Wanted another one as a holiday gift.

  2. I didn’t make it to the sale.
    But based on other comments. Lines started forming around 3 to 6 am. Stores opened around 8:30 to 9 am and there were 50 to 70 people in 2 lines. At some locations. And sold out within 15 min. There was at least 1 kiosk that didn’t even know about the sale, and was overwhelmed.
    I was planning to be there for 10am, so I would have been too late.

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