Looks like the WP7.8 update to fix the freezing/battery draining Live Tile bug is beginning to roll out. Just in time for me. Seems I have a bunch of tiles that stopped updating in the past 24-48 hours. Been 56 degrees and dark in Florida for at least a day now. No severe battery drain yet (actually it’s been very good) but I am sure that’s coming. Hope to get some good news when I plug into Zune tonight. How about you? NL900


  1. No kidding, Florida? Last place I’d have guessed.

    (that was just a friendly jab, don’t get angry)

    Zune, I thought you get these things over the air? Or you do, but you haven’t gotten it yet and want to speed up the process? Or you get a notification to plug into Zune? Wifi maybe? Depends on the carrier, depends on the update? How about app updates? Curious how this works now.

  2. Nope. WP 7.8, you know that version Microsoft discontinued, still needs Zune, another something Microsoft discontinued, to update to new versions. Everything but OS and Firmware updates work OTA.

    But according to the smoke signals I have been reading tonight, the update is only rolling out to devices not locked to a Carrier. (screw that, no more capitalizing carrier-they don’t deserve it). So I might have to wait weeks, or months, before I can see the temperature on my Start screen again.

    Tried uninstalling and reinstalling Weather Channel and USA Today, but Weather Channel is just a solid static icon now, not even the 56 degree thing. Oh, and I discovered that USA Today was pulled from Marketplace, I guess for lack of interest or some other bullshit (FUCK USA TODAY), so now I have CNN sitting right next to Fox News instead. CNN is not updating at all, but ironically Fox News is working just fine for now. Interestingly, the first two apps I noticed not updating are Pro Sports Scores and Sports Scores, two apps that use “push” vs. the new method of calling a Microsoft server every 30 minutes. This does not bode well for the old Registry “accumulated old endpoints” issue from early in 2011. Some tiles like Weave, Fox News and Urban Dictionary are still working. And of course, all the apps that use resident databases are working fine.

    This broken Live Tile bullshit really needs to stop. It’s almost becoming comical, even for a fanboy like me. Won’t be recommending Windows Phone till they fix it, again.

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