It’s now official – Microsoft has exchanged a poorly performing ad platform that it overpaid for in exchange for about $100m. Looks like Facebook is serious about revenue from ads. It’s yet to be seen what this means to Microsoft’s ability to be a real player in the advertising sector (you know, the place Google owns) but it seems like another market they are underperforming and undercompeting in that can bite them in the long run. Considering how many screens MS could control this ought to be an easy play. To be continued I guess. Via


  1. Maybe they should focus more on spying on everyone’s email and less on stupid ass secure boot crap and take on Google more effectively.

    Loving the 140s. I’m so proud of myself. Next time try attaching an image, I think it works now, and leave a silly little Sent from my fruity WP with Live Tiles sig in there. On the other hand I also sort of like posts with no images.

    I like social sidebar widgets with no images too. Byebye dumbass oversized social icons, hello quasi-plaintext links!

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