Here’s a video MS put together showing off TellMe on WP7. So you can call contacts, open apps and search Bing with one button.


  1. I know what you mean adp. I’m quietly hoping they bless us with a late September launch but October is my birthday month so that would make a great present from my wife. I’ll be shamelessly leaving hints around all September and October.

  2. Nice demo, but I can do all three of those tricks today on my Tilt 2 using Voice Command and Bing (and I do). I thought Tell Me was supposed to do things like; Voice to Text Messaging, Web Search, Stocks, Sports Scores, Weather, etc. Wonder if its something else that won’t be quite ready for launch.

  3. This is excellent. The Dirty Developer approves! One more reason why I am all in on WP7. The day I get my dev phone it is on!!!!

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