Looks like Microsoft has not given up on buying Yahoo, or at least as rumors go, participating in the purchase of Yahoo with other private equity investors. According to market news service TheFlyOnTheWall.com, Ballmer and the Redmond Boys have signed an NDA with troubled Yahoo to taker a deeper dive into their affairs and see if they can make a deal happen. It was back in 2008 when Microsoft made an offer for Yahoo for $33.00 a share or at the time $47.5 billion dollars. Today, the stock value has plunged to $15.27 which is up with the Microsoft news.

I’ll get Yahoo added to our Stock plugin on the sidebar so you can all can follow the progress.



  1. Maybe no one knows that part of the NDA is that you’re not supposed to talk about the existence of the NDA…oh well, just means it’ll keep getting breached and MSFT will throw too much money at Yahoo again…

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