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These are a Few of My Favorite Apps…

Can someone tell me the movie from which this title was taken (and slightly modified)?

In any event, this post is part of the ongoing series of posts that describe the apps that writers use on their respective phones. I switched from an HTC Fuze and WM 6.5 to an HTC Aria and Android a month ago. I now have my phone set up pretty much how I want it, so I’m ready to share my list of apps.

So here you go in no particular order (I haven’t provided links because every app can be found on the Android Market):

Google Voice (office and mobile phones under on number, plus visual voicemail)
K-9 email (better than the stock email)
One Nightstand (get the play on words; like a bedside alarm clock; great for hotels)
Google Maps (voice navigation, maps, etc.)
Places (the newest addition to Google Maps; easy search access)
GPS Status (simple and effective for seeing available satellites)
Run GPS (great for running and cycling)
Radar Now (see that storm coming in)
RockPlayer (better than the stock video player)
Kreac Calculator (simple and easy to use) (nice, off-line dictionary)
ConvertPad (converts just about anything, including currency)
Barcode Scanner (works great for comparing prices when you’re in a store)
Google Translate (written or spoken input and output translation)
Compass (by Snaptic; very fun and cool)
Google Sky Map (point up to sky and find out what stars and planets you are looking at)
AppBrain (easy search for Android Market apps on phone or PC)
Unlocked (turn off that pesky lock screen)
Task Manager (by Apollo; easy to use and nice graphics)
Wifi Analyzer (simple and easy to use to connect to nearby hotspots)
Call Meter (tracks your call, SMS, and data usage)
Android System (tracks your battery, memory, SDCard, RAM)
Uninstalled (by Rhythm (easy uninstall tool)

So there you have it, my “perfect” Aria. Enjoy!