I just casually checked Surface RT pre-order web site and now it is saying “Order for shipment in 1-2 weeks.” Of course the 32GB without Touch Cover was sold out immediately on the same day the Surface RT Pre-Orders web site went last week. Now the same page says “Order for shipment in 1-2 weeks” for bot 32GB and 64GB with Black Touch Covers.

I went to local Microsoft Popup store for holidays in St. Louis Galleria Mall yesterday evening and I found that their Surface Reservation Passes were also getting over. I think I grabbed the last two of those passes.

On eBay, I searched for Surface RT iPads, Tablets & eBook Readers category and I found 35 results and interestingly I found the prices are high and the highest being US$ 1,195 for 64 GB with Black Touch Cover for Buy It Now.

I am expecting that Microsoft would release its first week or first month sales like it did for Kinect when it was released into public on November 4, 2010. I wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft says it sold 4 to 5 million devices in the first two months leading into Holiday period sales in the US alone and 10 millions worldwide in this quarter.

Source: Microsoft Store for Surface, and eBay


  1. I don’t think it’s 4-5m. I think they just have low inventory because it’s worldwide and they need to stock stores as well. I’d bet they’re at around 750k in actual sales so far. The only pre-orders are from idiots like us who buy site unseen and know this thing even exists.

    • Well, I agree that Microsoft might have very low levels of invetory let us say 750k, like you said, for online and another 750k in the 30+ popup stores and regular stores, for the coming week to two. But I definitely assume that they would be selling more than 3 milions in these two months+ time before calendar turns into 2013 altogether. May be I am optimistic, but there is nothing wrong in being optimistic, right! :D

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