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Microsoft Store site indicates the Surface RTs are completely sold out!

I just casually checked Surface RT pre-order web site and now it is saying “Order for shipment in 1-2 weeks.” Of course the 32GB without Touch Cover was sold out immediately on the same day the Surface RT Pre-Orders web site went last week. Now the same page says “Order for shipment in 1-2 weeks” for bot 32GB and 64GB with Black Touch Covers.

I went to local Microsoft Popup store for holidays in St. Louis Galleria Mall yesterday evening and I found that their Surface Reservation Passes were also getting over. I think I grabbed the last two of those passes.

On eBay, I searched for Surface RT iPads, Tablets & eBook Readers category and I found 35 results and interestingly I found the prices are high and the highest being US$ 1,195 for 64 GB with Black Touch Cover for Buy It Now.

I am expecting that Microsoft would release its first week or first month sales like it did for Kinect when it was released into public on November 4, 2010. I wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft says it sold 4 to 5 million devices in the first two months leading into Holiday period sales in the US alone and 10 millions worldwide in this quarter.

Source: Microsoft Store for Surface, and eBay