Holiday 2010 Giveaway #2 (let’s try this again)

This iPhone 4 case is one of my favorites.  I’ve only used a few others that even come close, and are nearly as easy to recommend.  The look and feel, that added feature of having a ‘kickstand’ with you all the time, and of course, the belt clip and quick release help make it super useful.  I wrote a review of it a while back:  Click to Read it.

I like this case so much, that we’re going to give away one to a lucky reader. 

Here’s how to win:

Leave us a comment below.  The comment should be about ANYTHING.  Please make it as funny as possible, and family friendly.  We’ll pick a winner at the end of the week :)

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  1. I think I deserve this case because right now I’m using a case made of wicker and it pokes my leg. I guess one could call it a basketcase

  2. The one is used before that was made out of grizzly bears and razor wire. I went to the genius bar and they hit me with a ruler and voided my warrantee. They said my technical issues would be better solved at the “retard bar”, but that I should go to the emergency room first because I was bleeding all over their lovely blonde hardwood floors.

    So yes, I need a case.

  3. My wife bought an iphone 4 back in August, but really loves my Samsung Focus. This very cool case might ease her pain (albeit only slightly) until she is able to UPgrade to WP7…

  4. @Chris Leiter: I will start looking a house with garage then :-).

    Oh btw, I have already threw away my current bumper for IPhone.

  5. I was just reflecting on my newly discovered, albeit cancelled TV show find: Flight of the Conchords. Absolutely hilarious. Only seen a few episodes thus far and now one of my all time favorite scenes is when the Conchords’ manager Murray is stopped in the taxi/valet area in front of Jemaine’s new apartment building:

    Murray: “Hey, Jemaine, where can I park? If I get one more ticket, I’ll go to jail.”
    Jemaine: “I don’t know. I don’t have a car. ”
    Murray: “Oh well, I’ll just leave it here”

    The written word cannot due justice to Murray’s accent and delivery. Absolutely classic.

  6. II am writitng thes thruu the hazzzze of 5 yrreat old fingerpriiints. Twiiiiiiinns that lovee trak Dora’s moooviememnts acros thu skreen as she solvvesanother puzzzzzle. Myy iphone 44 needs protectioon from them 2. Plzzz sos.

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