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A Better Way to Respond to Texts – Mobliza

I’ve been playing around with Mobliza lately and I have to say, it’s really useful and really neat. Fundamentally it does two things. The first is that it automatically responds to text messages on receipt. It has a series of preset phrases that you can set like “Hey Doug, I’m driving right now I’ll get back to you later”. And yes, it automatically plugs the name in for you and responds without needed any prompts.  You can also make your own preset phrases and you can insert variables that it will fill in for you like date, time, and sender name by inserting %d, %t, and %n in the message. This alone makes it a worthy app.

The second thing it does is carry on a conversation for you. Yeah, you heard me right. If someone sends you a text it will automatically respond for you and the responses are based on what was written to you. So if someone writes “Are you trying to be smart?” it will respond with something like “Why would you ask me if I’m trying to be smart?” It’s a pretty novel idea and it works well in practice. In fact, I accidentally left it turned on and someone was texting with me without me realizing it and they didn’t know it wasn’t me:) With that said, it doesn’t read your mind so don’t expect it to make weekend plans for you:) If nothing else, the entertainment value is pretty high.

There’s one more similar feature it does. If you’re bored you can talk to Mobliza and the program will respond to you. It even has a feature where you can write “tell me a joke” and it will respond with a joke. It’s just a neat ‘game’ that demonstrates how the app works.

In order for this program to work you do need to keep it active (if you exit the app it will not respond but if it is minimized it will continue to run). You can decide if it will automatically respond with a preset away message or if you’ll let it carry no a whole conversation for you. You should also know that the program captures the text so you will not see a log of this in your text messages inbox (you need to leave the app open to see the conversation).

So what’s the cost of this? Well it’s free. Not ‘free to try’ or ‘free while in beta’. It’s a free application but of course you can donate to the developers. It’s really done to show off what they are capable of doing which is application and website creation and it’s a great demonstration. I should also tell you that the developer is very responsive and a small glitch in the program was immediately resolved and the developer was kind enough to send several emails to ensure that it was working properly. Oh and obviously if you use the automatic mode so it is responding on its own you can rack up a lot of texts so make sure you have a plan that can handle it:) Overall it’s an impressive and fun app to use that I think most people will find useful on a daily basis.

The download is available on their website When it can answer my phone calls for me I’ll really be impressed;)

UPDATE: It was noted to me that I missed a few more features so I want to make sure they are covered. You can also respond to senders, in case you need to respond to them, right inside the app.  Also, you can tap the conversation window to call the sender back. 

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