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Mobility Digest Review: Arctic MB201 12” Messenger Bag

Bags! The bag is something of a must for anyone with any kind of mobile lifestyle. I have several bags for my laptop, netbook and even for my tablets and they’re all different but they’re a must have item. No mater if you work from home like me or you commute, you’ll most likely need to take your laptop with you somewhere and you won’t want to take it unprotected. Today for review I’ve got the Arctic MB201 12” Messenger Bag and it’s not only inexpensive but it’s well made and it’s got plenty of room for all of your stuff. Read on..

Author: Kristofer Brozio

Vendor: Arctic

Price: $27.99

Overall Rating: 5/5



Arctic MB201

Store your notebook and belongings in the MB series messenger bag for unsurpassed protection and convenient mobility! The MB series is designed with a velcro flap which ensures extra protection and easy access. Available in three standard sizes, the MB series messenger bag would absolutely be an essential part of your daily routine.

Durable and Lightweight
Made with scratch-free nylon and polyester, and water-resistant lining as exterior material, the ARCTIC MB series is lightweight and highly durable. Such material is ideal for storing your notebook for everyday commuting. The padded compartment shields your notebook and provides protection for frequent travellers.

Available in three standard sizes, 12", 15" and 17", the ARCTIC MB series fits most notebook sizes. With multiple organizational compartments, there is plenty of storage space for miscellaneous items such as adapters, mouse, and documents – basically all your daily life devices.

The adjustable shoulder strap is padded for comfort and great for carrying heavy loads on just one shoulder. The pad is made with gripping material that prevents slippage.

Limited Warranty: 2 years
Exterior Dimensions: MB201 : 35 (W) x 27 (D) x 10.5 (H) cm
Exterior Material: Nylon and polyester


What’s in the Box?

There’s no box, the Arctic MB210 just comes in a plastic bag and there’s a cardboard insert attached to the bag with specs and features listed on it.



Impressions / Review:

I like black, it goes with anything! Seriously though I like the color black for my things, don’t know why really I just do. The MB201 is mostly black with gray accents on it. Here’s the front of the bag, there’s no picture of the back as it’s just plain black and I didn’t think it was really needed. The bag is a nylon and polyester and when empty it’s very lightweight. It’s does feel quality made and you’ll notice rather thick thread is used for the stitching. Overall it’s a nicely made bag especially if you consider the price of only $27.99. I’ve reviewed bags that cost twice as much and they were made similarly in terms of material and build quality. You can’t seem them but on each side of the bag are metal rings that are to be used with the included strap which you’ll see a bit later.

The part with the Arctic logo on it is actually a large flap held down by velcro. Lifting the flap you’ll find one small zippered compartment and a larger compartment with dual zippers on it.

The small compartment could be used for your phone or whatever else you that can fit.

The dual zippered compartment is for all of your stuff, or at least most of it. From left to right there’s a phone sized pocket with a flap secured with velcro, then above it is a very small pocket with an elastic band on it. Then there’s four smaller stacked pockets, you could fit like USB drives and things of that size in them. Next to those is another pocket with a nylon strap over it and it has an elastic band as well. Finally off to the right is four pencil/pen or stylus pockets. just hanging around is a nylon strap with a detachable key fob on it.

Opening up the main compartment you’ll see three sections and you’ll find the shoulder strap in the middle section. This section is has a stiff board in it and I would think it could be used for folder and papers and such.

The shoulder strap is adjustable and has a pad on it for comfort. The pad can slide along the strap so you can find the perfect position for your needs. I should note the clips and swivels are metal and not plastic like you’ll find on many bags out there today. The strap itself is made of thick nylon so I wouldn’t worry about it breaking no matter how much stuff you’ve got in the bag.

Inside of the main compartment you’ll find more pockets, three of which are netting or mesh and the fourth is expandable with a velcro closure. In other bags I’ve found the mesh pockets are great for things like AC adapters and cables.

The main part of the MB201 is the fact that it’s made to carry your laptop, netbook or tablet. The MB201 is made for up to 12” in size so it’s for smaller devices obviously. This compartment is secured closed by an elastic band with velcro. The section is padded on both the front and back sections to protect your device. The inside of the compartment is soft and made from scratch free material so you won’t have to worry about your devices while they’re in there even something like a tablet where the screen is exposed.

I don’t own a 12” laptop, mine is 17” so it’s not going to fit. I do have a 10.1” netbook that fits perfectly fine inside.

I also have a 10” Android tablet which measures 9.5” in width, so it too fits fine inside the 12” compartment and it stays in places thanks to the strap on top.




For the price I think the Arctic MB201 is a great deal, it’s a well made bag and one that will not only protect your gadgets but thanks to all of the pockets, you’ll be able to carry most everything you need with you on your travels.

So, the MB201 is nicely made and being nylon it should be durable and last quite a while. As you can see from the pictures there’s plenty of pockets inside.  The MB201 is one that you could use for your daily travels or take with you on a longer journey and have enough room for what you need and more.

I really couldn’t find anything wrong with this bag, it’s everything most would want in a messenger bag I think.



+Well made
+Lots of pockets
+Comfortable strap



-None really