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Orbit (the gum) Released a Free Pac-Man Like Game (themed on gum) For iOS, Android and Windows Phones

I was looking at this game in the Windows phone Marketplace and just couldn’t figure out what I was looking at but the graphics appeared to be from a full studio so I took a closer look and there it is – Wrigley/Orbit gum now has a game called Orbit Eater that’s a take on the Pac-Man style games but of course, with a dental/gum theme:

Mr. Donut and the gang attack! Beat them back in the kitchen labyrinth! An astonishing new premiere of a cult game. Millions of fans around the globe – and the newest adventure starts here!

Weave through the labyrinth of restaurants from all over the world. Feast on the dishes but watch out for the Food Creatures! Donut, Coffee, Banana and the gang will look to chase you down before you can chew through the entire menu.

Luckily there’s something that can save you. Every so often Orbit gum will appear on the board. Chew it to keep you safe from the Food Creature’s grasp!

Every new restaurant is a harder level. Your enemies move faster and can hunt you down easier… but that only improves the taste of victory!

It’s free and I have to applaud them for creativity here. I didn’t see this one coming.

Link time: Windows Phone, iOS, Android