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Mobility Digest Review: Elecom 10.1” Tablet / Netbook Carry Bag

Bags, bags and more bags, cases, cases and more cases. Guess what I have for review today? Yep, it’s a bag or a case, it’s sort of both. It’s called a bag, but it looks more like what I think of as a case. Meh, whatever, the product is specifically called the Elecom 10.1” Tablet / Netbook Carry Bag and I like it. This bag has a separate section just for your tablet or netbook and then smaller sections for accessories like a mouse and power adapter. It’s not a bad case overall, it’s made of a water repellent material, but it could be a bit more padded. So read on….



Author: Kristofer Brozio

Vendor: GearZap

Price: £14.95 / $23.15

Overall Rating: 4.5/5



Elecom Netbook Carry Bag 10.1″

Made by Elecom, the manufacturers of popular and well respected brand ZeroShock, this case guarantees quality as well as offering a great protective and storage solution for your 10″ netbook. The comfortable grab handle makes carrying your device around comfortable and easy.

The padded zipper compartment for your netbook is separated from the corner pockets to ensure maximum protection, and the two pockets can store your charger/adapter as well as a mouse or another small accessory. There is then an extra front pocket on the outside of the case for other accessories such as your phone, tablet, wallet, keys or more.

Made from water repellent polyester material, this case will give effective protection in all weather and conditions. Reinforced edges will also help your device in the case of a knock, scrape or drop.


The Elecom 10.1” Carry bag was provided by GearZap for review and you can find plenty of stuff there including Google Nexus 10 Cases and much more.



Impressions / Review:

The case was in a box with some other stuff, so no real packaging. The bag or case does have a cardboard slipcover over it with some pictures and specs listed for you.

The case is from a water repellent polyester material with reinforced edges to help protect the contents. It’s black in color obviously and it’s divided into sections.

The back is just plain black, not much special going on here at all.

On the top edge is a rather thick carrying handle so you can easily take the case with you.

You can see three zippers on the top of the case for the compartments.

Then on the bottom side is another zipper for a smaller pocket.

The pockets are plentiful for sure, the one on the front is one of the smaller ones for something like USB cables or a power adapter.

The main section is where you’ll put your tablet or netbook up to 10.1” in size. The section has bit of padding in it and it’s very soft, it shouldn’t scratch the screen of a tablet or the surface of a netbook. There is a little extra fabric on the inside edge where the zipper is so the zipper won’t damage what’s inside of the case.

The main compartment does have a padded velcro strip that can be moved if need be for a little extra room. It’s a divider really, but you get the idea.

I used the case with my Acer Iconia A500 which is a 10.1” tablet and it fit just fine. There is no strap or anything to hold the tablet or netbook in place, but the case will hold it in place if it’s about the same size.

The case does offer some padding but honestly not much. It would be nice if the case has a little bit more padding at least in the section where you’ll put your netbook or tablet.




The Elecom case is about $23 and for that yeah it’s worth it. I like it really, it’s got plenty of room and it’s certainly unique in the design of it. I don’t think I’ve even seen a case quite like this one.

I like the assortment of pockets as it let’s you take quite a bit with you and keep things separated.

The material of the case is made of a water repellent polyester so you won’t have to worry much about the elements, and that’s a good thing.

There is some padding in the case and it should be enough in most instances but personally I would have liked to have seen a bit more at least in the main section where you would keep your tablet or netbook.



+Unique case
+Plenty of pockets
+Configurable with velcro padded section
+Water repellent fabric


-Not as padded as I would like it to be