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Grooveshark Mobile Alpha Released

After a lot of tweaking Nilezon of XDA has released an alpha version of Grooveshark Mobile, an application intended to play streaming music from Grooveshark. For those of you that use Grooveshark this is probably a big day. But remember, this is an alpha release. He notes the following known bugs:

  • BASS (the audio player) will fatally crash after you’ve played some songs. This is a major bug, but since I promised you an alpha version, I decided to release this proof of concept anyway. If you have experience from BASS.NET, please contact me.
  • Bad error handling…
  • If you click on a new song during playback the play/pause button might end up in the wrong mode.
  • The spinning umbrella gets stuck on the result list (scroll a little to remove it).
  • The search query doesn’t get copied from the search screen to the result/player screen.
  • The installer doesn’t create any shortcut. Look for exe file in "\Program Files\Grooveshark Mobile".

If you just have to have it though the download is available here, and remember to throw a few coins in his tip cup to keep him motivated;)

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