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Mobility Digest Review: Plastic Handgrip for PS Vita

I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that we’re covering a bit of gaming here on Mobility Digest, it’s an attempt to diversify, and I guess it works. There is mobile gaming out there and it’s not just on our phones, I’ve got a few different portable gaming consoles and they’ve got plenty of accessories for them which I like to accumulate. The PS Vita is the latest and greatest portable gaming console on the market and personally I like it for the most part. Today for review I’ve got what I think is a must-have accessory for your PS Vita, it’s simple and it’s very inexpensive coming in at only $4. It doesn’t have any special fancy name, but the name exactly describes what it is, the Plastic Handgrip for PS Vita. It’s an accessory that I truly love, I find it very useful and it just makes gaming much more fun really.

Author: Kristofer Brozio

Vendor: Deal Extreme

Price: $4.00

Overall Rating: 5/5


Plastic Handgrip for PS Vita

– Color: Black
– Material: Plastic
– Ergonomic design
– Suitable for PS Vita

Dimensions: 7.48 in x 4.33 in x 1.38 in (19.0 cm x 11.0 cm x 3.5 cm)
Weight: 1.52 oz (43 g)


Impressions / Review:

There is no special packaging for this product, just a plastic bag.

There’s nothing in the package, just the plastic handgrip itself, which is made of plastic and it’s black in color. There is a large cut-out section for the rear touchscreen of the Vita as well.

The PS Vita just clips down into the grip, on the right and left side are plastic clips that grab onto the Vita. The right and left sides also have spots for the shoulder buttons, they slide underneath the plastic.

There is a cut-out on the top of the back side for the camera:

Here’s the back, it’s plain.

The right and left side grips are textured for a better grip on the PS Vita.

So finally here’s my PS Vita with the handgrip:

Getting the Vita installed into the grip couldn’t be easier really you just push down and it snaps into place.

I mentioned earlier about the shoulder buttons, well here’s what that looks like. The case does not get in the way at all.

The cut-out for the camera is perfect really, it doesn’t interfere at all.

The bottom is very open so you have access to the ports and doors.

Here’s a few shots around the sides  of the Vita, you can clearly see one of the clips holding the Vita in place. The case doesn’t interfere with the buttons or controls at all.

I love the PS Vita but for an adult male with sort of large hands it’s not exactly comfortable to use, it just feels small to me and a bit cramped. Honestly I just feel like I’m going to drop it all of the time.

Using the grip actually makes using the PS Vita more fun, it makes gaming just better overall.

The grip makes the Vita more comfortable to hold and it feels more stable in my hands.



The price of the Plastic Handgrip is only $4.00, and for that I can’t see why you wouldn’t get one just to try it out.

I can honestly tell you I very much enjoy playing my PS Vita more now with the handgrip, it’s just much more fun really.

Yes it’s just a little piece of formed plastic but it will change how you play your Vita.

You would think that for only $4 this might not be the greatest quality, but it’s actually very well made and it seems durable. I just toss it in my bag with my Vita and other things and it’s fine.


+Very low price
+Makes gaming better overall
+Well made
+Very simple to use


-None really