Ram: Simmons this is for you, Google Glasses Banned. Now troll on our site with this and blame me all you want. Sent from Windows Mail

ram sucks (1)Simmons: Google Glass.. Funny how you know a lot more about this product, or pet project, than I do. Perhaps if Microsoft were a little more aggressive in coming up with new stuff like this then there would be some more demand to own the company’s stock. No, I don’t mean things like the ribbon Office UI or whatever great enhancements came with Office 2013 over the previous one or the grand and greatly-anticipated NoDo update. But they don’t do that, so you people have all this leftover energy and you use it to obsess over Google. Just want to make sure you’re aware of that, that you sent me this link because Microsoft’s unremarkable slow motion bores you.


  1. I didn’t sent you that link because Microsoft’s unremarkable slow motion is boring me. I sent you that link because you take whatever Google produces as pride. Did I claim about the knowledge of Google Glass anywhere in my emails. And I see you have an obsession with “Sent from my Windows xxxxxxx.” Beat it damn Google fanboy.

  2. I can send you an OPML of a bunch of google blog feeds if you want Ram, good stuff, get their announcements super fast, I’ll even include a Google lawsuit blog too!

    Get lost Microsausage ninja.

    • I don’t have any issues related with Google or any other, I only have issues with few liars in each company. You know whom I am referring to. Anyway keeping that aside, please send me those I am interested, I am tech buff and I live in technology and breath technology. FYI, I just bought a Acer Chromebook on eBay, and waiting for its arrival here.

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