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More GSen Game Goodies

I’m hooked on enabling games to work with the gsen this week by using GPad. Sorry, but I think it’s neat:)  So first up is Pac-Man which you’ll remember was Game of the Week #1 and is located here for download (free). Seriously, Pac-Man using the gsensor is a heck of a lot of fun and a great time killer. And while we’re at it let’s make the freeware game Greedy Penguins use the accelerometer. And Chronster figured out how to enable it for Age of Empires (it’s a paid game available from multiple vendors).

So, just like Need For Speed you just need to change the configuration file for GPad to enable these games to work with it. And once it is enabled just start GPad then start the game and tilting left/right will do just that.

Instructions on how to change the configuration file (either manually by typing it or just copying and replacing a single file) are located here.

And going forward I will just update this thread in our forums for future games that can be gsen enabled using GPad so I don’t end up spamming this site every day:)