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A little comeuppance?

Upset that Apple may have screwed Samsung in the US?  Don’t dispair – China has your back.

Not every culture has the same thought processes, and China’s concept of intellectual property doesn’t exactly mesh with those of America’s (yeah, that’s probably the understatement of the year).  One of the problems of having manufacturing in China seems to be the … appropriating … of designs, fabricating, etc.

Chinese phone manufacturer GooPhone seems to have taken the innards and the design of the iPhone 5 and patented them in China before Apple got around to it.  (The GooPhone i5 is an Android device, by the way.)

If GooPhone successfully gets the iPhone blocked in China, will Apple pull their manufacturing from there?  I’m sure there are PLENTY of other Asian nations that would LOVE to have Apple set up shop there.

Source: GizChina