While we have been a bit critical regarding iOS 5 and the lack of innovation, we’ve managed to dig a bit past the announcement and see for ourselves. From that, we’ve discovered that iOS 5 sports even more new features, outside of those announced at the keynote earlier this week.

For starters, iOS 5 now includes built-in search functionality inside Safari. Just like a standard PC browser, you can now type text into the search box, and it will be highlighted on the screen:

iOS 5 also includes a brand new music player. The interface sports a new layout, and has been refreshed to give it a more modern look. There don’t appear to be any new features on the main screen, outside of the cosmetics:

One of the highly-touted features of iOS is the iCloud integration. Regardless of who’s behind it, we’ve got some more screenshots for your viewing pleasure:

On another note, we also found it interesting to note that Apple is already pushing accounts over to iCloud, seemingly without user interaction:



  1. Are you going to be adding more to this? I know there are a ton of other features that haven’t been covered yet. They said there are over 200 new things being added into iOS 5. I’m sure the really big things won’t be revealed (or included in beta software) until the new iPhone is shown this fall though.

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