It’s been a while since I did a Podcast and even though I sent out an invitation today for a guest to appear on the show, it got me wondering how many of you actually listen to Podcasts? And if you do, what Podcasts do you listen to? There are a lot of websites doing them and some are very good. I have moved away from covering general news and adopted a more “interview” style of Podcast. So I have included a Poll (We love Polls) and would ask if everyone could just let us know what you think. Also, please leave a comment about what you would like to see in a Podcast. Lots of other websites check us out and maybe they will get a better pulse on what the readers listeners would like to hear!

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  1. I listen to many podcasts and no music on my Fuze. I rarely have time to read blogs and wish there was a way to blogs into speech. My podcasts are mostly tech, Windows Weekly, Podnutz Daily, Security Now, GeekSpeak (KUSP), Mike Tech Show, Leo Laporte. Mobile: WMExperts and The Signal. Non Tech: Dr Dean Edell, Dr Joy Browne a shrink, Len Tillem a lawyer and beekeeping with Top Bars Hives. I love podcasts because there’s so much to learn!

  2. I had also thought of doing a weekly update podcast where I talk about current events and recap the weeks articles written on Mobility Digest…

    Format would be 5-10 minutes…

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