So last week everyone got their underwear in a wad because of claims that Siri, the Apple iPhone 4S personal attendant, was answering Nokia Lumia 900 in Cyan was the best smartphone ever. Not even sure where this originally posted, but we had a couple of article on it and all I can say is that I was never able to reproduce the that Siri response.

Hey Windows Phone, What’s the Best Smart Phone Ever? The iPhone?! Damnit

SIRI thinks its creator’s phone is not the best cellphone, rather it thinks Nokia Lumia 900 4G Mobile Phone–Cyan (AT&T) as the best one.

So our Windows Phone Guru’s had a lot of fun and today, according to Cult of Mac, Siri has been updated with the correct response “The one you’re holding”. Apple uses WolframAlpha for these types of questions and it is being said that Apple has changed the answer and the reason why  Siri answered that was was because of out-of-date information and poor review ranking. Like I say, I never got that response on mine. As a matter of fact, this was the answer I got this morning when I tried it again.

One of the guys said that the question Cult of Mac asked was not the same, I went back and asked Siri again and this second image is the answer. Peace out, let’s move on to something else like how awesome The Avengers was!


  1. Funny, once again apple overriding real information with what they want you to think.

    iPhone User: “I would like this information.”
    Apple: “You are a dumb consumer and don’t know what you want, I’ll tell you what to think!”

  2. ^

    Funny once again Windows Fanboys getting their panties in bunch cause no one on the real world likes their phone.

    Seriously I work with 30+ engineers. I’d say most of the tech savvy and some of the clueless “sheep” have the iPhone. There a few android devices and the other clueless “sheep” own blackberries.

  3. But everyone is acting like the answer, Nokia Lumia is the right answer. There is no way a brand new phone, that just was just released, with screen problem, a reception problem, and it’s OS that has a 2-4% market share, is the best smartphone ever. Like it or not, the iPhone is the best smartphone ever. Sales prove that over and over again. Now will Windows Phone take that title away? Who knows, but with a 2-4% market share, the answer is seriously incorrect. At least define the question to something like, what is the most innovated UI on a smartphone currently. Or what smartphone has the best chance to dethrone the iPhone.

  4. Hey Doug, being a car guy and all. What do you think is the, “best car ever”. And did/does it have more than a 2-4% market share. Hint: It’s not the Toyota Corolla.

    Point is, it is possible for something with a 2-4% market share to be the best ever. Is the Nokia Lumia 900? Probably not yet, but time will tell.

    What this does tell me is that Siri does not actually think or reason. It simply spits out random results based on a query. No better or worse than any of the other voice recognition tools currently available. So nothing special.

  5. Well I agree with you, there is no better phone and everyone has its own issues, some at platform level, so at hardware, some at firmware and some at their root level (hint a search engine powered phone). Wolfram|Alpha makes queries based on something different than most of the clueless search engines, which includes the leader in search. The AI engine in Wolfram|Alpha comes to little closer to reality than rest of index based algorithms.

    There is no way you could compare a Lumia 900 with iPhone 4S, it is like comparing Mangoes to Apples. :D

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