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AT&T responds to Verizon getting the iPhone

AT&T had a great CES Show and is riding high with the Best Game in town for Windows Phone. The ATRIX by Motorola should help keep them in the hunt as a respectable Android  carrier even though the Captivate, The Samsung Galaxy S device did well, but suffered from no Froyo love and some GPS Woes. Today AT&T has got to be thinking damage control after officially losing the exclusivity of the Apple iPhone. They rode that horse into the ground and to what many feel the demise of their network stability. AT&T, formerly the smartphone giant on the block with Windows Mobile, began to slip when the iPhone really came into it’s glory. The lack of carrier support for Windows Mobile in Marketing the product as always a gripe of ours. But in the end, AT&T was all iPhone, and they took that success to the bank. Today, as Verizon announced (without Steve Jobs there by the way as many expected) they would have a CDMA version of the iPhone starting next month. AT&T has since responded on their Facebook page by stating the following:

“Hey Fans, you may have heard the announcement about Apple’s iPhone today. The iPhone will continue to be a better experience with AT&T. Remember, we offer the fastest speeds (competitor’s mobile broadband network is 60% slower on average), the ability to talk and use apps at the same time, unsurpassed global coverage, and access to our entire national Wi-Fi network, at no extra cost with smartphone data plans.”


So is AT&T worried? That remains to be seen, but Verizon getting the iPhone could in fact be good for AT&T subscribers as this forces AT&T to strengthen their Windows Phone and Android choices for their customers by losing exclusivity on the iPhone . And we love choices!

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