It might be that Motorola and Verizon make a big announcement before Samsung and Google’s Nexus Prime announcement that was cancelled for October 11th out of respect for Steve Job’s death.  Still uncertain when the Nexus Prime announcement will take place, Motorola and Verizon have scheduled their tell all on October 18th at 12pm. All lot of buzz has been that it will be either the Droid HD or Droid RAZR that have been rumored, but no official word as of yet. Motorola has released a teaser video in advance of the event to get everyone excited. I love marketing, and this teaser packs a punch. Android marketing has been outstanding and they are really beating the specs drum hard and portraying it with speed and toughness in this video. Check out the video and stay tuned as we will keep our ears open and let everyone know the big announcement from Motorola and Verizon October 18th, high noon.


  1. I still have a couple of RAZR’s, I think one even has an active sim in it.
    Decent phone, a little hard on battery life but still a decent device.


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