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Google & Samsung delay press event and let a Nexus Prime video slip

Today Samsung and Google jointly announced that they would be cancelling the press event that was scheduled to take place on Tuesday October 11. No reason was given but according to the reason is that they both felt it was too soon after Steve Jobs death to announce what they must hope is the Next iPhone killer. I am not sure what is an acceptable time to pay your respects and perhaps there is other reasons, but  it does perhaps make sense to wait until after the iPhone 4S launches October 14th  and let the whole Apple frenzy pass. The press event for Google and Samsung is expected to showcase the Nexus Prime, the Google Android flagship device and Ice Cream Sandwich, the next OS from Google.

Now for the good news, looks like the Google Nexus Prime has made a  surprise on YouTube and  is showing some of the new UI and speed of what he hope to be the 1.5GHz dual core processor. The video does not show the device very well and is a limited walk through the software. It looks pretty good, but we will hold for the real deal  to be launched.

Enjoy the video below!