For all you Motorola Droid owners out there, here is something that will really come in handy! A very cool cradle by Wireless Ground that just got reviewed by our friends at Test Freaks (dot com). Bridget does a really nice job reviewing the Motorola Droid USB Sync and 2nd Battery Charge Cradle which actually allows you to cradle it in landscape! There is also some very cool functions that go along with the Droid that make your “cradled” experience very functional as well! Enjoy your cradled Droid by listening to music, digital clock, Local Weather conditions, photo gallery, and alarm clock! As you can see below, it has a very nice user interface when cradled. Check out the picture below:


The Motorola Droid USB Sync and 2nd Battery Charge Cradle is very reasonably priced at $24.95 and here are the rest of the specs:

Synchronize and recharge your Motorola Droid with the USB Sync and 2nd Battery Charge Cradle. The USB Docking Cradle holds your Motorola Droid at a comfortable reading angle and provides convenient access on your desk. With this device, you can charge your second battery and your phone at the same time. Charge and synchronize data simultaneously when connected to your PC.


  • Portable design
  • Charge a second battery while you charge your phone
  • Mini USB cable included
  • Blue light LED indicator

So head on over to Test Freaks (dot com) and check out Bridget’s full review and take a look at a ton of screen shots as well. Or if you are already sold on the Droid Cradle, head on over to Wireless Ground and pick one up!


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