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Motorola Endeavor HX1 Bone Conduction Headset Available Today

IMG_3003 In June Motorola announced the release of the Endeavour HX1 bone conduction headset and we’re pleased to inform you that it is available in the US starting today from Sprint stores for $129.99. I do not see it on Sprint’s website yet but did call local stores which do have it in stock and confirmed you do not need to be a Sprint customer to buy the headset. This headset is capable of using CrystalTalk, which is their proprietary noise cancelling technology for standard use, as well as Stealth Mode, which is the only true bone conduction noise canceling headset available to the general public. Stealth Mode works by reproducing sounds through a sensor on the headset that fits within your ear canal so the sounds do not come from the external speaker. The end result is that you can be standing directly in front of a fan or immediately in front of a speaker and no sound will pass through the headset except the sounds that come from your voice.

I did have an opportunity to demo the Endeavor and I will be posting a full review of it tonight but it is an extremely impressive bluetooth headset and the technology works. CrystalTalk (for every day use) is extremely efficient at knocking out regular outside noise like cars passing by. And when you’re in very noisy situations you can enable Stealth Mode to knock out all outside noises. One note is that in Stealth Mode your voice will sounds slightly muffled or computerized but it was worth it when I needed it, was relatively slight and even went undetected at times.

This is a terrific bluetooth headset and if your calls are important to you then you should really consider the Endeavour…I’m headed over to Sprint now in fact:)

For more information on the Endeavor check out Motorola’s website.

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