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Spb Diary and HTC Touch HD Are Now Friends!

So it looks like Spb has been busy updating their software and it seems some special attention was given to HTC’s Touch HD with this latest update. It has been about 1 year since Spb Diary has seen an update so enjoy this one. Here is what you can expect:

Version 2.6 (March 02, 2009):

  • Problem with drop-down menus on HTC Touch HD fixed
  • Problem with cut off icons selection in the "Options" applet on HTC Touch HD fixed
  • Problem with a contact’s phones drop-down on HTC Touch HD fixed
  • Problem with disappearing upper toolbar on some devices (HTC Touch HD , Samsung Omnia, HTC Touch Pro, HTC Mogul) fixed
  • "Shifted birthdays/anniversaries" problem if selected period in the Calendar tab overlaps 1 Jan fixed
  • Improved 320×320 screen resolution support (Palm Treo Pro, Samsung Saga)
  • Improved 240×400 screen resolution support (Samsung Omnia)
  • Tasks’ "Private" status is now considered as "Confidential"
  • If integrated with Spb Pocket Plus, Spb Diary now behaves the same way as if integrated with Spb Mobile Shell
  • On WM6.1 devices with the "threaded SMS" feature enabled the "Reply" and "Forward" actions aren’t available in the message preview
    Get your Spb Diary update HERE
    On a side note, Spb Weather has received a small update and can found HERE