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Motorola RAZR’s Smart Actions further highlighted

A week ago I posted a short 1 minute video on the Motorola RAZR’s app called Smart Actions that  basically helped you manage your smartphone experience and better enhance battery life. Motorola has released a second video narrated by a British accented speaking woman that winds on for over three minutes and gets more into the nuts and bolts of what Smart Actions can do for you. One of the cool things is that when you insert your headphones it automatically starts your music player and fires up your GPS in case you are going for a run. It also has as I mentioned before the ability to learn from your usage of the device and make adjustments and recommendations. Another feature I thought was cool was that it can pull up news at a specific time in the morning so it waiting for you ready when you wake up if that is your morning routine. Teach the damn thing to make coffee for me and we are really on to something big!

The video also explains how to set up rules for Smart Actions and further explains how to customize it. Check out the video below for more details on Smart Actions on the Motorola Droid RAZR!