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AT&T to Sell Decent Android Phone

According to the AndroidGuy’s anonymous tipster, the Samsung i897, an Android 2.1 device rocking some decent specs, is on its way to AT&T’s shelves, though this hasn’t been confirmed by AT&T. Details of the phone are murky but it may have a 4″ AMOLED display, a 5mp camera and a Snapdragon processor, presumably 1GHz. They speculate that it will be similar to the Samsung Galaxy S which weighs 4.2oz, is 9.9mm thick, sports a 1500mAh battery, full multitouch and 32GB MicroSD support.

That’s good news for AT&T subscribers in light of the announcement that the Nexus One’s, including the AT&T-compatible model, being pulled from Google’s online store — which still hasn’t happened by the way — and also good because if this hits AT&T their subscribers may be able to get a more digestible contract-based price for it, though don’t expect that to be wildly cheap.

A step up from the POS Motorola Backflip they’re selling but hopefully AT&T won’t cripple this phone like they did with the Backflip from allowing users to install software from any source and hopefully they won’t crap it up with the AT&T bloat we’re all too accustomed to receiving. And hopefully someone will figure out how to root the thing soon because that’s what life is all about for us, isn’t it.

Android is spreading pretty fast these days; let’s see how their sales fair against Apple devices, if Google can hold its lead, once the iPhone HD hits. Place your bets.

Doug Simmons