Microsoft’s site has unfortunately been put to the side by MS since they announced WP7. There is an area of ‘exclusive content’ for people that have registered and they recently posted a video explaining why copy and paste is not needed in WP7. It shows a few scenarios where copy and paste would traditionally be used but because the OS is designed to take action with addresses and hyperlinks, for example, you can get the same functionality without the need to copy and paste. Take a look at it in action:


I’m not convinced. When I get an email or a Word attachment I still want the ability to grab some lines from it and do with it as I please, but I do think that this will likely cover a lot of the basic functions in a time saving way. Non-power users will probably never notice the lack of copy and paste but for business and power users this isn’t good enough. What do you think?


  1. ehhhh. I’m not convinced either. I need to start consciously paying attention to exactly what I do with the phone and see how necessary each function is I suppose.

  2. What if I need driving directions from one address to another? Certainly I can click on one and then enter the second like the video shows, but what if I don’t know either offhand and received both addresses in an email or a website? Not only can I not copy and paste them, I can’t even switch back to the email/website/whatever to look at it again as I have to manually re-type it since there isn’t multitasking. I’m sure it’s an edge case for most users, but I’ve certainly done it a lot.

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