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Introducing Bing for Mobile “Maps, directions, and local listings for your mobile phone.”

What you need for your life on the go.


Get local, Map your way, your mobile web
  • Quickly find great local shops and restaurants, complete with ratings, reviews, hours, and directions.
  • See movie show times and call to buy your ticket.
  • Get the latest local weather forecasts.
  • Shopping? Do a product search to see if you’re getting a fair price.
  • Get interactive maps with turn-by-turn driving directions.
  • Help save time with maps that show current traffic conditions.
  • On foot? Get point-to-point walking directions.
  • Get quick, relevant answers to your questions about local listings, celebrities, and weather.
  • Create a mobile dashboard with stocks, traffic, weather, and movies.
  • Available for Windows Mobile, Sidekick, Blackberry/RIM and all other web-enabled phones.

Discover Bing Mobile here: