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MS To Announce MMO Poker With Xbox and WP7 Turn By Turn Play

imageInvites are out and on January 7, 2011 at CES in Vegas Microsoft is set to announce Full House Poker – an Xbox Live and Windows Phone 7 massively multi-player online game with turn by turn play which is expected to allow WP7 and Xbox users to play against each other regardless of device. Full House Poker is currently in private beta and MS describes it as “bet your way to fame as you compete against your friends and thousands of other players around the world in live Texas Heat poker game shows.” It’s under super secret confidential status now, but here’s a video of it in action:

So you are playing poker in a tv style format at scheduled times. It looks sick as hell. Now the Windows Phone integration is speculative but the invite to the release event indicates that it is an Xbox Live and Windows Phone event so it’s pretty easy to connect the dots. This could hit the same time as the first of the rumored WP7 updates is going to be announced so this can be a very big day for all of us.

And this isn’t Microsoft’s first massively multi-player online venture. They had a very successful run with 1 v 100, the trivia game show, that was canceled after millions used the service. Let’s hope that they’ve got the formula right this time to keep it running for good.

Expect to hear from us again on January 7 when official word hits. Seriously, this is awesome.
Thanks for the tip AJ!