1800PocketPC has a video from today’s keynote speech showing off multitasking and task switching on WebOS Windows Phones. So, what do you think?


  1. Not impressed at all with the so called keynote, a few added features which will take forever and a day to arrive, nothing really unique to the WP7 platform. Still behind in the game, MS.

  2. Slowly but certainly WP7 comes of age. Remember we’re talking about an integrated Eco system. This is Microsoft we’re talking about, not Asus… MS knows how to win in the long run. This Nokia deal is just part one… stay tuned for another mega announcement from Redmond.

  3. Definitely have to appreciate the fact they aren’t so egotistic that they don’t acknowledge when other companies hit the mark on how to implement features. The WebOS style card view for task switching is superb. I actually recommended exactly that in an earlier discussion with the MobDig staff.

    I often play iHeartRadio and i’m going to love having the ability to play it while doing other things.

  4. Microsoft works best when they are dealing with economies of scale. Thats why Ballmer mentioned scale a couple of times.

    I love my Windows Phone and with the announced features coming this year there isn’t too much more i’m desiring in an OS.

    I don’t need any stinking front facing camera. Sure in the rare occassions on long business trips i could use it for my family to see me but i tend to take them with me on those occassions. Anytime other than that and i’ll be using my laptop.

  5. @yss:

    They are just too slow, it means we have almost 8 months to wait before we can use gps programs and other programs properly. Not to mention any bugs after the March release will be present for months. Not a very good end user experience, at least for me.

  6. Hello, I have a windows 7 phone the sourround an under aplications i have this setting call , ease of access does any body knows whats is for and how can i delete this application , and also i have been traying to access the phone from my computer with no luck, any ideas, Thank you.

  7. @efjay: It’s frustrating, I know. But, we all are running the marathon. Not just MS. You should mentally prepare yourself for watching MS play catchup throughout this year and probably part of next. Of course, the world will end when we’re finally satisfied.

  8. I pretty much don’t use my phone for turn-by-turn directions right now. I still use Bing Maps to get the directions and follow the map in real time just don’t have the voice directions. As long as they clean up the whole Marketplace crash and search bugs, have a decent cut/copy/paste function and keep increasing the app catalog at a nice pace i’m more than happy to wait awhile for the other stuff.

    My user experience even with the issues I have is overwhelmingly positive. I’m very much of the like mind of Paul Thurrott in that at moments its incredibly frustrating because Microsoft seemed to stop short with features that could have taken the platform over the top but most times the OS performs so well it puts a smile on your face.

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