netflix-for-androidNetflix has been slow to roll out their app for Android owners choosing to approve one device at a time. This of course did not stop the fine folks at XDA from helping the Netflix app on to the impatient Android owner by making the API available. The wait is finally over for the Android owners waiting for an official app to come out as Netflix has finally approved their app for all Android devices running Froyo (version 2.2) and Gingerbread (version 2.3).

Netflix is currently not available for Android Tablet owners with Honeycomb.

I just downloaded the App from the Android Marketplace and can confirm it is working nicely on my Dell Streak running Froyo. (unrooted too). so head on over to the Android Marketplace and download your free Netflix app today, but remember while the app is free, the service will cost you $7.99 for internet streaming package, double that to stream internet video content and still get actual DVDs in your mailbox.



  1. Love it, started watching all the Star Trek Next Generation episodes I missed while the show actually aired. Wow that show started off cheesy. LOL Looks really good on the Dell Streak though.

  2. Until this fall when Ice Cream Sandwich comes out. It will be more difficult to see the Android tablet growth or lack there of when they rationalize the two operating systems into one. Regardless, Ice Cream Sandwich should be a huge hit.

  3. This was actually quietly rolled out last week. On the 5th I was messing around with my Galaxy S Captivate and Netflix worked perfectly on it.. and It works with my tablet running 2.2.

  4. I hate that the Streak won’t be getting any more updates because it would make great use of Gingerbread or Ice Scream Sandwich and lighten the battery draining load Netflix put on it. I am going to test it today to see how long it will take for Netflix to ring it to it’s knees.

  5. Running Netflix on the Captivate killed the battery… then again the Captivate doesn’t have great battery life to begin with.. I watched most of an episode of Star Trek while my kids were in karate calls and it used about 1/2 the battery.. I’ll use my WP7 phone for Netflix I think..

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